Horton McCormick

Date of Birth: 01/01/1929

The memories of Masonville have been researched and recorded by Horton McCormick, who was born in Masonville in 1929. Masonville residents worked hard but also found time for community building and recreation on the industrial peninsula. McCormick recalls playing on the sand piles of the Arundel Sand and Gravel Company by the water of the Masonville Cove as a young boy where natural and industrial space mingled together as a playground for the local youth. McCormick joined the Air Force to fight in the Korean War in 1951.

Little did he know that when he left it would be the last time he would see Masonville. The small neighborhood was torn down in 1952 to accommodate the expansion of the B&O railroad. At the recently built Masonville Cove Environmental Education Center off of Frankfurst Avenue local school children learn about the natural environmental of the Cove. But if they look to their left once they enter the “green building,” there is a plague with articles on the history of the Masonville neighborhood donated by Horton McCormick.

You can visit McCormick’s website on Masonville history.